A word from Mikio Matsui

Mkio  Matsui
Borm  in  Toyohashi,Japan  in  1958

   After graduating  from high school in Tyohashi nearly 40 years ago,
I started working for my father's woodworking/carpentry shop and
have been striving to create works that "make customers happy" and
"can be passed down from generation to generation"for almost 40
years. I feel truly blessed to see the customers' smile wfen I bring the
finished piece to them, and I'm so happy that I was able to creater
something that they imagined.  There is nothing more rewarding  when
these two feelings match -that is the moment I always hope to achieve.

    I have created a new brand of housewares called "Hugclum" . I'm
hoping it will attract a younger generation to products created by a

traditional artisan.. I would like them to think, after using "Hugclum"
pieces, "Could he make something like ...?" , or "I would like a piece like
...?"  I would like them to realize the joy in having something truly
unique and original created by an artisan.


 I wish to grow  "Hugclum" with each and every customer.

 I appreciate for your support.  Thank you.

  Mikio Matsui